Jan Wilson - Coloured Pencils

Studio location

14 Lynn Rd, Dersingham,
PE31 6JZ

Contact details

Tel:07772 632050
Email: thewilsons2@me.com

Artist's statement

Since childhood I have adored using coloured pencils. For me there is nothing quite so exciting as opening a brand new box, to stare at the rainbow effect of all those pencils lined up in order and just asking to be used!

The coloured pencil has come a long way since my childhood. It now holds an established niche in the art world. Uniquely versatile, we can achieve a soft and subtle style like a gentle watercolour, or a vibrant sunburst that would rival a Van Gogh sunflower.

For many years I worked from my studio in Kent, drawing and teaching. I have exhibited with the Society of Botanical Artists and the British Coloured Pencil Society. I retired and came to live in Dersingham in 2017.

Throughout the Art Trail I will be drawing and demonstrating coloured pencil technique.

coloured pencil artwork 1

Coloured Pencil

coloured pencil artwork 2

Coloured Pencil

coloured pencil artwork 3

Coloured Pencil

coloured pencil artwork 4

Coloured Pencil

coloured pencil artwork 5

Coloured Pencil