Valerie Anckorn - Painter

Studio location

Candlesticks, 2 Manorside
PE31 6LE

Contact details

Tel:01485 543280
Outside Trail events you are welcome to visit my studio by appointment.

Artist's statement

When I moved to Norfolk from Kent in February 1975, I felt I had 'come home' and I never cease to be moved by the beauty of the countryside and coast hereabouts - and of course, the never-ending skies, especially when the mystical skeins of geese honk their way across the sunrises and sunsets during the winter months.

I have always been creative, loved drawing and painting from a young age and was influenced by the beautiful illustrations in my fairy story books (read under the sheets by torchlight) - Dulac, Arthur Rackham, Beardsley, Mucha and others of their ilk. I paint what moves me, but currently am being led along the fantasy and spiritual route. At the moment, mermaids are my passion, so their paintings adorn my walls and what with my aqua décor and curtains, the sitting room resembles an underwater cavern!

Unable to get 'a proper job' I made my living making and selling candles, having workshops at Snettisham, Docking and then Walsingham until my retirement. Now I potter in my studio, paint the wonderful Norfolk landscapes onto candles, that are scented with natural herbal oils, paint my watercolours and also write a lot. After some pottery lessons, I dearly wanted to get a wheel and kiln, but knew I wouldn't have time enough to indulge in this passion as well as the others, but enjoyed making a lot of pots during my tuition, especially for candles. Oh, I sew too, and have designed some tops for 'Reubenesque Women'!

I am usually to be found in my studio, and enjoy visitors, but please phone first to save an unnecessary journey if I am out.

view of the studio

A view of my studio

some decorated candles

Decorated Candles

Painting of mermaid


Painting of mermaid 2

Mermaid 2

some decorated candles

More Decorated Candles